Hostrunway works with a basic principle that customer success isour success.It has been observed in the past that the bounce rate for the websiteincrease in case the loading time is high. To overcome these issueswe offer SSD serversto host your applications.The input and output speed for SSD servers is much higher than conversional servers with SATA hard drive drives. The applications with high data base usage requirehigh speed.Input and output for SSD servers are generally 20 times faster than the conventional servers. We offer wide range of SSD dedicated servers with storage varies from 300 GB to 800 GB. The deployment time for servers in our data centre is max 24 hours and less. We use the brand new hard ware for our customers. It gives better performance to your application.


Features of SSD server hosting are


  1. Better Speed: – Applications hosted on SSD servers perform 20 times faster thanthe servers with normal hard drives. Server with SSD drives works at 15000 RPM however servers with normal hard drives works at 7200 RPM. It helps to increase the overall browsing speed.

Therefore reducing the bounce rate on your Website. It also helps to increase the SEO ranking on various search engine.


  1. Data Loss Prevention:- The life cycle for servers with normal hard drive vary from 0.7 million hours to 1.2 million per hours. However the life cycle for SSD servers is much higher in comparison to normal hard drive. It varies from 1.5 million hour to 2 Million hours.It makes your data much secured to host on servers with SSD drives.


  1. Environment Friendly: – SSD drives consume lesser power in comparison to servers with normal hard drives.It is therefore helpful to keep our planet cooler.


  1. Latency: – Latency of server is directly related to network and hardware. The server with SSD hard drives has much lesser latency than the servers withnormal hard drives.