Virtual Server: – Virtual server is advanced technology which offer real timeflexibility as well as helps to reduce the cost.VPS infra is designed in such a way to provide your multiple redundant infra, better uptime and reduced infra cost.We best virtualization technology including VMware, Hyper V, and Citrix for virtualization. Our cloud infra is best in it class.

  1. VPS management: – We provide 24X7 support on our infra. For all virtual serversour L1 support is included. We also offer end to end managedservices to monitor and manage your infra. Based on your preference you can opt for desired package.


  1. Backup options: – We maintain backup of our infra in every 24 hours. Howeverat the time of placing order you need to specify back up requirements.


  1. Packages Upgrade: – You can upgrade or downgrade your server configurationas per your business demand. We offer you liberty to customize your VPS infra basedon your requirements.


  1. Security: – We have deployed the latest security architecture to ensureyour VPS is always available.We provide security support both on network level and server