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Looking for efficient email hosting for your business? Well, try USE e-Server Store. Experience email hosting for an ad-free, a clean and minimal interface in addition to features which are geared for professional and business users at a price you can afford. Get services you need for running your business email. Changing email providers is a daunting process. Hence, we have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to migration and the complete on boarding experience. You need to know where your current domain name is registered and we will do the rest for you. Our email hosting services are designed keeping business users in mind. Optimize productivity for your business with standardized email services. Our services involve a wide array of business class features, 24*7 expertise support and access from the device. Opt for our services and let your email do more for you.

Why Hosted Email?

Manage email systems with our email solution and get messages delivered to your laptop, desktop, phablet, tablet or smartphone. No need to pay for what you do not need. Save on operational and capital price with us. You are going to have limitless room for growth with our services. USE e-Server Store offers a secure, reliable and cost efficient email solution according to the size of the business. As we handle your technology, you will be able to concentrate on your business. Have different requirements for business? No problem! We let you mix various email solutions and you will be able to work in a single domain in a seamless manner. With alterations in your requirements, our flexible email solutions enable adapting email solutions without any hassles.

Why USE e-Server Store for Email?

Our email hosting server is a vital asset for your business. Over 105,000 customers and more than 1 million mailboxes rely on our services for offering email solution matching your business needs. A wide array of options guarantees complete flexibility. Our secure data centers along with completely redundant infrastructure offer enhanced availability.

Web-based Email – With our complete browser support, the slick interface of our private email is going to make your email enjoyable. You will not have any privacy concern with our services. With our affordable software requirements, our email hosting services are perfect for businesses and individuals.

Easy collaboration – Collaborate simply and securely with our services. Our business plans feature complete groupware support, thereby enabling sharing documents, emails, contacts, appointments, task lists, to name a few.

A Unified Approach – Go for our private email hosting services and manage your multiple accounts from various providers under a single roof. Fetch our services and email overloading will become a thing a past of the past.

We ensure quality – Our pioneer Hosting guarantees premium quality of web hosting services. We commit excellence in email hosting division. We guarantee to provide the quality, you deserve.

Instantaneous communication – In the fast paced world of today, instant communication is vital for your business. Discuss strategies and issues with co-workers in real time, no matter where they are present. With our instant messaging features, use an instant messaging desktop client such as Digsby, Adium, IM+, IMO, for secure, instant, and reliable access to your employees within the business.

Security – Our services are inclusive of multi-layer spam prevention which enables achieving 97% protection. In addition to this, it is inclusive of different security enhancements which prevent email server without any compromise. We offer support for intrusion detection, TLS/SSL encrypted connections, active directory integration, to name a few. Get additional layers of protection with our services.

Ensured 100% uptime – Our state of the art mail storage offers 100% uptime guarantee. Fetch our services and say no to loss of data.

Get Fanatical support – Contact us for 24*7*365 support. This is what makes us unique. Our professionals are dedicated to supporting your business, no matter how small or big it is. With an ample number of experience in the industry, we have expertise in offering services of high excellence. Contact us in the case of any issue via tickets, chat or even phone.

Smooth set up – Set up email quickly via a step by step setup wizard. Magae groups, email policies, mailbox quotas and much more at ease with our extensive Control Panel.

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