The User-Friendly Open Source E-Commerce Software

Having a great business plan isn’t just enough to put you in the likes of famous entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. You need a place, workers, security system and most importantly, the item you want to start your business with. Since time is of essence and technology has grown a lot, you can now sell your products without even having to interact face to face with your clients.

All you need is a well-built website, and voila, you can watch your items sell while you pack and send them off via your logistics partners. Now all you need is a good website that can help your customers go through the array of product and services you provide. If this is your first time, you need a good open source application for your e-commerce website which can help you customize according to your needs.

Need For An Open Source E-Commerce Application

When you need an e-commerce website, you plan out the features and services the website will provide but not all e-commerce applications out in the market will provide you what you need. The reasons Open Source hosting is better than any other applications out there are:

Cost Efficiency:

An open source e-commerce software is very cost efficient because though not all Operating Softwares are free, its costs less to run an e-commerce website. With websites like zencart, overall operational cost, including marketing and advertising is relatively way lower than any proprietary hosting software.

Open Customization:

Open source e-commerce web hosting software like zencart hosting gives you the ability to modify the codes according to your needs. With proprietary hosting, the coding is hidden and cannot be manipulated according to your wish. With the codes available to you for manipulation, you can easily add new features to the existing code and apply it to your website or derive a new code from the older one by yourself if you have a sound knowledge of PHP or hire a developer to do the job.

Ease Of Use:

One doesn’t need to be a tech genius to host his/her e-commerce website over servers like zencart server. All you need is a basic ongoing knowledge, and the user-friendly software will help you develop and modify your website according to your wish. There is no complicated guideline to using free open source hosting services, which makes it all the more appealing.

Flexibility With New Variations:

With the platform being an open one, it’s evident that new and updated codes and features are always available at your disposal. You need not wait for an update for long. Anyone can add a new element to the existing zencart server, and you can use it on your website if you please to. With no licensing restrictions, companies can modify codes with ease.

Verifiable Claims:

With proprietary hosting applications, one has no option but to believe the claims made by the organization regarding security and web hosting standards. But with open source applications such as zencart hosting, one can easily access the codes and check the quality and level of the features available for themselves and even modify them if found mediocre.

Why Should You Choose Zencart As Opposed To Any Other Open Source Software?

We at ZenCart believe that simplicity gets you places and beyond, and that’s why zencart server usa has a very user-friendly e-commerce software solution with its data base written in PHP/MySQL/Apache language. Preferred by the majority of e-commerce businesses, just the mere installation process leads you to all the basics you require to create a website.

Developed by professionals, shop owners and developers with the best understanding of e-commerce, the company provides you all the necessary features that would make your website easily accessible to all. From designing to management and payment gateways, you have total control of it all. ZenCart is a perfect one-time solution for all your website related needs.

Available with a GPL2 license, you can lay back and be assured that the software will always be free. With constantly upgrading codes, you are exposed to a huge array of functionalities which help you mix and match different features according to your needs. E-commerce related aspects such as admin features, marketing features, product organization, shipping, payment gateways and SEO tools are all at par with industry standards and are continually updated by various dedicated developers.