WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. WordPress is one of the most preferred tool for blogging platforms. In WordPress you can design your website without having much technical knowledge of coding. WooCommerce can be easily integrated withword press and you can use ecommerce application with WordPressblog integrated with it. WooCommerce plugin is majorly used if you are planning to sell your products online in ecommerce format. With the help of WooCommerce platform helps you to build your online store, manage and sell them online. It’s an open source software platformwhich help to build your brand image online.WooCommerce support both mobile and desktop platform. Web Application designed in WooCommerce supports all the web Brower and major OS. Withthe help of WooCommerce plug in you can convert WooCommerce website into mobile app without doing much changes in the coding.This technology is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all the OS and mobile OS in the world. WooCommerce helps toreduce your investment on the technology. Since WooCommerce is widely used plug in technology therefore lot of developers have built various customizable plug in’s to supportand customize this app. It means that if you are planning to opt for WooCommerce plug in then you have various supporting plug in available which can help you to customize application basedon your requirements.

Conclusion: – WooCommerce is the one of the most preferred and leading ecommerce platform that works as a plug in for word press. Opting for thistechnology means that you will have the latest version and trend of ecommerce application imbibed in your website.The support for this plug is extremely good. It is very well managed and maintained by WooCommerce team.

WooCommerce Server hosting with Hostrunway

Hostrunway provide turn key solution for hosting and managing your WooCommerce application. We provide support to install word pressand WooCommerce on your server. In case you face any issue on run time base then our team will help and provide you end to end solutionto manage you application.


Key features of hosting WooCommerce with Hostrunway are: –

  1. Zero Setup Fees: – With in a turnaround time of 24 hours we can setup WooCommerce server for you.
  2. Server Management: – We provide end to end server managed services. Our team will take care for your application and you can concentrate more on your core business.
  3. SLA: – Our committed uptime is 99.99% which is best in the industry.
  4. Migration Support: – At Hostrunway we also provide support to migrate your server from one data centre to our data centre. Migration cost will be charged extra depending on the size of file.
  5. DNS Servers: – We have our own DNS servers. You can point your domain on our servers to run your applications.
  6. SSL Certificate: – We tide up with various SSL providers to provide SSL certificate for your ecommerce applications. Various companies for SSL certificate includes Verisign, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL.
  7. Firewall Support: – Security play a vital role while shortlisting any data centre provider for hosting ecommerce sites. Hostrunway provide complete firewall managed services to secure your application from any hacking attempts.
  8. Back up Support: – We provide back up support for your server hosted in our data centre. Based on your business needs we can setup the frequency of back up. In case of any hardware failure we can retrieve the data.
  9. DR solution: – We provide DR solution for your application as well. We can host the data in different seismic zones. In case of any disaster we can retrieve the data as and when required.