OpenCart Hosting comes with inbuilt features to deploy and run your ecommerce website. Hostrunway provide support in installation, configuration and maintenance of server. OpenCart is an open source hosting solution to run ecommerce application. OpenCart comes with innovative features like customizable shopping cart, ability to integrate plug in’s and extensions.In OpenCart you can easily create online store, set categories, add products and manage your order. OpenCart support integration of more than 20 gateways with greater flexibility. OpenCart also support eight shipping methods and multiple currencies to sell your product in global market. After hosting your OpenCart application in our data center you can concentrate on your core business and our team will manage the back end infra. We provide complete server management for OpenCart applications. We offer fastest OpenCarthosting solution. In OpenCart you can add unlimited products which helps you in future business expansion.

Key Features of OpenCart are: –

  1. Build in Features for ecommerce Platform: – OpenCart comes with various build in features like shopping cartpayment gateway integration etc. OpenCart works as launch pad forrunning ecommerce application.
  2. Scalability: – In OpenCart you can add unlimited products. Once your business grow you can use the same platformwith much investing in the technology.
  3. Payment Gateway integration: – OpenCart support more than 20 payment gateways. You can easily integrate these gatewayswith your web applications.
  4. Plug in support and integration: – With OpenCart you can integrate more than 1500 plug in’s to customize your website.
  5. Products rating and reviews: – OpenCart has various features which support your website for ecommerce business. One feature is the option for product review and rating. This feature allows you to increase your sales.
  6. SEO friendly design: – OpenCart is SEO friendly and hosting your website on OpenCart platform helps to get good ranking on various search engines.


Key Features of Hosting your OpenCart website with Hostrunway are: –

  1. Faster Speed: – We provide latest infra and best network to run your web application. We also offer CDN solution to offer best response time to your customers in different geographic locations.
  2. Uptime: – For OpenCart application we commit to provide an uptime of 99.99%.
  3. Migration Support: – We provide migration support to our customers.
  4. Managed Services: – We provide end to end server managed services. As OpenCart support various plug in integration therefore a user mayface issue running these plug in’s. At Hostrunway we provide support in installation management of these plugins as well.
  5. Back Up: – Back up of data is critical component for any application. We at Hostrunway provide back solution for your OpenCart application.In case of any hard ware failure we can easily retrieve the data.

The Benefits Of Choosing Our Company As The Service Provider For Your Opencart

A lot of online stores have cropped up in the international market over the past few years. This convenient way of purchasing will soon prove to be a treat for shops in real life and realize that a lot of brands and companies have started venturing online. Unfortunately, not all of them manage to be successful due to the platform they choose. One of the best platforms for opening an online store conveniently is the opencart. This platform provides all necessary equipment for setting up a store. Our company helps enthusiastic and ambitious business people venture into the world of online stores by offering them with opencart hosting services at affordable rates. The opencart server is an opportunity for promising business ventures to spread their wings without putting in a lot of risky investment.

Advantages Of Choosing Opencart Services For Use

It can get pretty confusing for business ventures to choose a hosting service as a lot of them have suddenly sprung up out of nowhere. It gets difficult t want one good one out of so many options. The opencart server eliminates competition by giving the maximum utility and benefits to its fellow users and that also at cost effective prices. It is rare to find such a charismatic service. A few reasons why you should choose opencart hosting services for your company are given below:

  • Easy to Setup: One major problem that a lot of businesses tend to face is that setting up an online store gets too complicated for novices to understand. Most websites and servers do not acknowledge the lack of experience of users and expect them to know all complex procedures by themselves. However, there are services like Opencart that make it possible for beginners to set up stores without any hassle and provide guidance at every step.
  • Optimal site speed: No hosting service is viable until it knows how to maintain its speed even while multitasking and Opencart are capable of accomplishing exactly that. This hosting service can handle multiple stores at a time with one single server and still manage the entire work with agility and resilience.
  • Handles multiple stores efficiently: It is not easy to even run a single online store until one has a hosting service that takes care of all data and coding related work. The Opencart service efficiently handles all the coding and makes it possible for companies to handle immensely hectic situations with ease.
  • Convenient for customers to use: A lot of stores may be easy to set up but finding a hosting service that makes shopping easy for customers is a laborious task. The Opencart service not only gives immense ease while creating and maintaining multiple stores but also helps to make shopping easy and convenient for customers, thus attracting more clients to your store.
  • Control over store management and administration: Like any other efficient hosting service Opencart understands creative liberty and leaves design and editing relating work for the company and is immensely flexible when it comes to changes in management and administrative style and functions just as the user desires it to work.

Choose Our Company as your service provider to enhance the advantages of using Opencart

No service is complete without an efficient and reliable service provider. Service providers are the final finishing touch that makes a product complete and perfect. We, at our company, provide all the necessary facilities to enhance excellent services such as opencart server usa and much more. A few reasons to choose our company as your service provider are given below:

  • We believe in giving our customers high-quality service at the most reasonable rates and also take their safety and security seriously.
  • Our Company has opened up support services run by experts to help clients with any query or guidance they may need.
  • We are well known for reliability when it comes to quality and delivery of services.
  • We are sensitive to the importance of fluctuating consumer demands and give services only according to it.

Joining hands with our company may turn out to be a turning point towards a brighter tomorrow for your business venture.