Opt our services to get optimum performance for your business

Among a variety of windows dedicated servers, which server is going to fulfill your business needs? Have no idea? Well, look no further! At USE e-Server Store, we offer the server catering to your business requirements. With the utilization of latest hardware, we deliver reliability, power and thereby flawless performance which can be expected from a dedicated server. With our services, you will be able to serve the application to users with a gearing, thanks to our wide array of single and multi core processors. Our dedicated window servers have a high tolerance to a fault. Use our windows server for setting a secured platform for sharing files, designing a private Microsoft Exchange infrastructure. Refer to our windows dedicated hosting services for hosting mobile and web applications at ease.

Why Windows server?

Windows server is nothing but a collection of different server operating systems that are released by Microsoft. Though Linux happens to be the go to server for maximum industries, latest releases on Windows server have enabled the operating system for being a viable alternative. These servers are no less secure than the Linux ones. It also confers a wide array of windows specific applications that include ASP.Net, ASP Classic, MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Visual Basic development. These servers receive extra support from Microsoft for Windows software and applications.

Microsoft has come up with a wide variety of improvements along with the release of Windows servers such as visualization, improvements in security, storage and networking. The Windows server 2016 clarifies that there is a change in the server strategy and now the main focus is on hybrid and cloud server. This is a prerequisite for businesses who are turning a back from GUI on servers and fetching cloud style management of containers of Windows Server 2016.

Why choose us?

Wondering why to choose our services instead of other companies? Let’s have a look!

Because we deliver maximum performance – You are going to be the only user of a dedicated windows server. Hence, you will have complete system resources with you directly. With the availability of different SSD and HDD hard drive options, you can select what is best for your website with our flexible server configurations. IP based firewall and data center level DDOS security plays an indispensable role in keeping server safe. This enables the server to perform in an optimal manner.

Because you deserve Instant Scalability – We adjust server resources dynamically for maintaining optimum performance. Enhance the amount of storage that is available to your server at ease quickly with our services. And no, you do not need to migrate data. Pay for only the resources you require, until the time you need them.

Because there is no better way to manage websites – Linux servers are inclusive of WHM and cPanel that helps in managing overall server configuration and hosting specific functions powerfully. Our dedicated windows hosting server are inclusive of WebMatrix and Plesk control panel for creating and managing websites at ease. Call us anytime for any supported issue and we will help you.

Because we guarantee 99.9999% up time – At USE e-Server Store, we understand the importance of your windows dedicated server usa being uptime for the success of your business. We guarantee 99.999% up time and thus you do not need to encounter hassles such as the server being down, etc.

Because your work flow demands consistent performance – If your business requires consistent performance, our customized dedicated windows server is an excellent choice for you. We ensure to offer services tailoring to compliance and specific security needs. Our rates for running dedicated windows server are going to make your pocket smile.

Because we promise to keep your data secure – The safety and security of your dedicated windows hosting server are our highest concern. We come with multiple security solutions for the digital assets.

A new business with limited resources opted for the windows dedicated server at USE e-Server Store owing to our 24*7 customer support with the aid of phone, chat, email and ticketing system and our high reputation in the market. Clients have got the best value for their money with our services. We are responsive to client’s needs. We have a dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals focusing on latest aspects of Microsoft technology and dedicated windows server. They are capable of providing comprehensive support for different Microsoft products.