Hire us and get dedicated Linux server tailoring to your business needs

Looking for Linux servers on a limited budget? Don’t worry. With entry level servers, we offer the top Linux servers for specific needs of small and medium scale business.

Get the best of breed technology with our Linux server. Fetch in-house Linux enterprise with outstanding customer service. With our dedicated Linux server, you are going to be assured that your business is in the hands of experts. With our dedicated server hosting, you will have complete control of the physical server. Hence, all the resources will be completely accessible to you. Reap the benefits of powerful machines without being too hard on your pocket. License your server from USE e-Server Store and you are good to go. We make use of premium quality of components to assemble our services to confer reliable services to you. Our Linux dedicated servers are secure, stable, efficient and most importantly, reliable operating system. Now you see why customers love our services so much.

Why customers prefer our services?

In case you are looking for Linux dedicated server at affordable prices, you are not going to find a better option than USE e-Server Store. But this certainly cannot be the only reason to go with our services. Want to know it all? Be with us!

Because we use the best hardware for our servers – For offering excellent dedicated Linux hosting, we take great pride in hardware. We make use of latest hardware components for creating a dedicated server for you. For taking accomplishes care of your crucial data, our servers are inclusive of two hard disks along with RAID1 enabled. Thus, you can be assured even if one hard disk breaks down completely, your data will be intact and your server will encounter no downtime. Isn’t it great? Certainly, it is.

Because you will be able to store on the cloud – Expand your storage with our Shared storage device and you are not going to run out of space again. It is an addition to default local RAID 1 mirrored hard drives. It is possible to access the cloud storage with few clicks of the mouse.

Because it is a great option to manage shared accounts – Our intuitive control panel is beneficial for users for managing shared account at ease from a web browser. With WHM and cPanel, give a kick start to the hosting business. The user-friendly interface of cPanel enables the customizing of web hosting experience for tailoring your needs.

Because your satisfaction is our concern – With the ultimate motto of satisfying our customers, we ensure that programmers feel at home. Hence, we support different languages. Speaking of databases, we render support to a wide array of MYSQL databases that will be delivering different breakthrough capabilities which will let your business to scale different operations of the database with high confidence.

Because downtime does not haunt you anymore – With our dedicated Linux dedicated hosting at USE e-Server Store, you can be ensured that the network has a 100% uptime. Hence, you can be ensured that your business is online always. Thus, you reduce a significant chance of losing your potential visitors. With Total Cover, it is possible to combine extras such as 1-hour hardware replacement, 15 min support response and proactive server monitoring for conferring absolute peace of mind.

Because Ultra security is our style – Our data centres happen to be PCI-complaint, ISO 27001 certified. Thus, we offer the ultimate security to your business with an exceptional level of security at different times. In addition to this, Linux solutions are safeguarded with the aid of Cisco ASA Firewall.

Because you get support from the experts of the industry – We have enthusiastic Linux support engineers as an integral part of our team. They love their job and stand out of the ordinary in offering immense support to you. Supporting CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHat, and Debian, you can access 24*7*365 for getting answers to your queries. You do not need to wait for hours for resolving any issue. We answer your call within few rings. That’s right!

We are an accomplished solution to your business needs, pertaining to Linux dedicated server usa. Get access to a plethora of open source solutions to customize the Linux operations. Experienced users who want to make the most of the advanced management are going to be benefited with our Linux services.