Opt for Our Dedicated Hosting Services for a Business with High Traffic Volume

If you are planning to upgrade the server, you can give a consideration to our dedicated hosting. We are a leading name in the catalog of dedicated service providers. We offer robust, reliable and secure hosting services. You can expect a round-the-clock and flawless hosting as you opt for your services. Our ultimate motto is designing, building and maintaining the secure and highly reliable environment. We understand your requirements and confer services in accordance with that.

Our dedicated servers

At e-Server Store, we understand that your website is the online representation of your business. Henceforth, if you are looking for a dedicated server for web hosting, we offer a wide array of options to host the website. You can rent a server from the dedicated hosting provider for your business. We work closely with clients for offering them RAM, CPU and disk space which is required by them. We build and maintain the server, thereby reducing the upfront cost of the business to purchase your own.

Why choose e-Server Store?

In case your website determines the success of your business, you should opt for the services of e-Server Store. We are recognized to be the leader in offering the services of a dedicated server. Our outstanding customer service, industry leading performance, and broad technology portfolio make us the number one choice of clients in this regard. Our infrastructure is built for powering mission critical applications and websites. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who stand second to none in delivering the best experience in hosting.


You have the flexibility to customize the server in accordance with your requirements for RAM, CPU, software and dedicated space. With the aid of shared hosting, there is a limitation to the software, applications and operating environment which are loaded on the server. Thus, you may not be able to do whatever you want with shared hosting. However, as you go for our dedicated server, you will have a customizable server environment at hands which accomplish your requirements. You can select the software and platform, you require, thereby enabling accomplished control on how the dedicated server is configured.

Your server resources are not shared

Our server resources are not shared. As you opt for the services of the dedicated hosting server, you are sure to procure the complete resources of a singular server. You do not require worrying about the websites that clog up the CPU and RAM of the server. As you go for our dedicated server, you can be ensured that bad scripts which are running on spikes in bandwidth usage of websites will not reduce the speed of your server.

Unique IP addresses

Every server has a unique IP address. With shared hosting, you are sharing IP addresses with other websites. In case one of the other websites in the server is an adult or spam website, there are chances that the ranking of your website is pushed down. WIth the aid of our dedicated hosting services, you will have your own IP address. This is a prerequisite if you run eCommerce websites where need SSL for the processing of credit cards.

Amazing performance

As you opt for our dedicated server hosting, you can procure maximum uptime for the website. Shared hosting is a good option if you have a website with low or medium traffic. However, if the website of your business witnesses a plethora of traffic on a daily basis, our dedicated servers are considered to be the best options for providing more reliability and stability in comparison to shared hosting. As you seek our dedicated server services, you can be ensured that you are not sharing the space with any potential spammer. Our dedicated servers offer enhanced security, especially if it is important for companies to handle sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP.

24*7 services

If you are struggling for scaling and securing the data and applications in the cloud, you can seek our assistance. We ensure to offer 24*7 services to our clients in case of any issues.

If your website gets a number of visitors on a daily basis, it is time to seek our dedicated server USA. You will be able to render the best protection to your website with our dedicated hosting services.