What is CMS?


CMS stands for content management system. There are various ways to design a website. Conventional method is web designing in CSS, HTML, and admin panel and data base. This method takes lot of time to design and implement a website.To overcome these limitations CMS can be used as a technology to design website in a convenient manner. CMS is used by web developers to create, edit and publish website in a very easy, simpleand systematic manner. Various developers prefer to opt for content management system to manage their website pages, text, document, pictures etc. CMS is designed in such a way that the end user with minimum technical knowledge can also design a website. CMS has various unique features over other technologies. Like in case of CMS various users can regularly work on the same website.It also help to keep track of every page on your site, reduce duplicate content etc.

Benefits of CMS hosting are: –

CMS is major advantage is convenience to use this technology. Any web developer can design the website in CMS without having much knowledge about the programming.Benefits in details are: –

  1. Access to Multiple users: – With the help of CMS technology multiple users can access website. Administrator can easily track the changes in the website. In CMS administratorcan also set rules for its users. For big web development works with the help of CMS technology an administrator can define work for each and every developer in his/her team. Assign rules for every developer and monitor there work with track changes on regular base. Therefore with the help of this technology multiple users can work on the same platform.
  2. Posting New Content: – CMS technology is convenient to use. By using this technology the user can easily post data on the website. Any addition or deletion on CMS platform is quite easy. Any content like text, graphics,and videos can be easily posted on CMS websites.
  3. Changes in Layout and editing site data: – In CMS it is quite easy to manage changes in the site layouts and to edit the content. With CMS you can make changes in websitewithout CMS installation. User can make changes in CMS stylesheets to change the layout of the website. These features of CMS makes itconvenient technology for webmaster.
  4. FutureExpansion: – In CMS you can easily add more and more pages on your site without any changes in platform. You just need the content or products details to add on website.
  5. Security: – In CMS it is quite easy to provide login to multiple users at the same time. You can add customized rules for every user. It is quite easy to track changes in CMS for every user. These features make this platform very secured. You can provision update and back up in CMS.






CMS Hosting with Hostrunway


Hostrunway offers to support all the latest version of CMS. We help in Setup, migration and maintenance of your website designed in CMS. Our infrastructure and network is best in class. Hosting in our data center will help you to reduce the download and upload speed of your web application.We provide 24X7 mail and chat support to resolve the CMS hosting issues. We offer different technology platforms like dedicated servers and virtual servers to run your CMS application.

Value added services that Hostrunway offer for CMS hosting are: –

  1. Response time: – Our network is designed in such a way that the end user will get lowest latency from all the major ISP in the world.
  2. Uptime: – We commit to provide an uptime of 99.99% which is best in the industry.
  3. Server management: – You host your CMS application in our data center and our team will take care of your server and application.By hosting your application in our data center end user get the liberty to concentrate on your core businessand our team will take of back end infra.
  4. Back up service: – Hostrunway offers backup solution for your CMS application hosted in our data center. Frequency of back up will be based on your preference and business needs.