CDN is the network of servers that helps users tospeed the browsing of web application hosted in our data centre.

We have presence in 38 different locations in 5 continents worldwide.Our CDN network help organization to store their data globally without the needof multiple point of presence. End user will get good browsing speed and lowerlatency.

Our business model for CDN works on pay per use model and no lock in period.CDN network helps to store multiple copies of media files at different POPs and ensurefastest access of data when even required to end user. It is intelligent enough to find outthe nearest location of end user and recall data from the best possible location so that the users get the best speed.

Various unique features of our CDN network are:-

Scalable and reliable

Fast media streaming

Lowest latency

Network spread in 38 different location and 5 continents worldwide

Hostrunway CDN network support both video push and video pull technology

Advantages of Implementing Hostrunway CDN technology are: –

  1. Increased revenue: – By implementing our CDN services the bounce rate of your visitors will reduce. Application will load fast and it will help to easy conversion to your business.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: – Better browsing speed more is the customer satisfaction.
  3. Better SEO: – Faster your application work better ranking you get on search engine. Our CDN services helps to get better SEO results for the applications.