Technology in the current world is changing at a very dynamic rate. At eServer Store we understand that the requirement of customer to host application in data center may vary. Keeping in mind the need of customers we offer customization application hosting services. Depending on your business, budget and traffic on your applications we have various application hosting plan to run your application. We also offer cloud server which is scalable on run time base. For start up we suggest to opt for basic server configuration. Once the load on your application increases our team will scale up the server configuration without any downtime.

eServer Store offer services to host your application in our data center. We work as end to end solution provider for running your web application. We offer support on all version of Linux and windows operating system. Depending on your application compatibility you can choose the OS. Using control panel or by taking server remote a user can install various application. In case user faces any problem in installation or running these applications then our team is capable enough to provide desired support in installation. We also provide user guide to help in the installation of these applications. A user has the flexibility to open ticket in our support desk and within turnaround time of 12 hours our technical team will resolve the issue. These applications are bundled with OS for the convince of our customers.

Various applications we support are:

  1. Tomcat
  2. Glassfish
  3. Wildfly
  4. JBoss
  5. Liferay Portal
  6. MySQL
  7. PostgreSQL
  8. JAVA
  9. PHP
  10. Ruby on Rails
  11. Groovy and Grails
  12. Joomla
  13. WordPress
  14. Drupal
  15. OpenLDAP
  16. OpenVPN
  17. VyOS Network OS
  18. HAProxy (Load Balancer)
  19. ASP.Net
  20. SAP HANA Hosting

Benefits of application hosting with eServer Store

  1. Reliable Services: – We provide 24X7 support both on mail and chat. Our committed uptime is 99.99%. We deliver server within turnaround time of 24 hours and less. We are providing hosting to various reputed organization with a highest customer retention rate.
  2. Cost Reduction: – Outsourcing your internal severs in our data center helps to reduce your IT budget without compromising on service quality. Investment on manpower, electricity, bandwidth etc will be reduced to zero. Our team will provide end to end support to run your application in a systematic manner.
  3. Flexibility: – Our team provide support on all the major application used worldwide. It allows the organization to shift their applications in our data centre. We do regular patch update on OS and application level. We support all the version of windows and Linux operating system. Our team also help in the installation of control panel like C Panel and Plesk Panel.